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The Business-ERP website includes detail information about the SAP ByDesign system including its main functionality in the ares of analytics, finance, CRM, SCM, Project management and also links to blogs and relevant YouTube videos and more. We want to expand the site and also include the list of companies that implement the SAP ByDesign system. For each company, we will create a page that includes company information, including a link to the company’s website, major areas of expertise, countries and regions in which the company operates, unique ByDesign adds-on developments, and more.

The goal is to enable clients to locate the relevant partner for their project execution. The site does not compare companies and does not rank the companies, but merely publishes their information.
This site is under construction and we will start posting soon.
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The information will be reviewed by webmasters and will be published shortly thereafter. you can remove your company, from this site, anytime. 

Send your company – It is absolutely free of charge 

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