Demo and quotation

Is the solution suitable for us?

SAP ByDesign is designed for the medium market, with an average of 10-1000 employees. The system sits in the cloud and its use is provided as a 3-year subscription service. There is no need to worry about system infrastructure, upgrades, everything is done as part of the system service, which as mentioned, is upgraded once every 3 months.

Deciding on choosing a new system for the organization is significant and long-term, and it is important to know that choosing the right solution. We offer a gradual process of in-depth recognition of the product, examination of its suitability for your business and guidance during the project for its implementation.

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    Demo and quotation

    Preliminary examination

    Once you have been impressed with the system capabilities, as shown on the site, it is important to have an individual conversation to understand the needs of your business, what solution you are looking for and whether ByDesign is right for you.

    We suggest having a 1-2 hour conversation / skype to examine the issues and make an initial decision on what to do next.

    This service is free. Please leave your name and phone number.


    We will show you the system, the user interface, the various work centers and functionality, demonstrate a business process including the capabilities of analytics.

    The demo will be done on a Skype call for 1-2 hours

    This service is free. Please leave your name and phone number

    Detailed examination

    This process will include an individual review of the system capabilities, in accordance with the methodology for determining the project scope for SAP ByDesign implementation. Defining the set of requirements that have a solution and finding the gaps that require in-depth examination to know if the standard capabilities of the product can be applied, whether third-party extensions can be used or unique development is required.

    This process is performed on the site of your business, taking about 1-3 working days on average.

    Quotation will be given after preliminary examination and receive relevant information.

    Consulting during the project

    You decided to implement the SAP ByDesign system and chose the implementing company. We propose to participate during the project and especially with regard to defining the solutions, with the aim of ensuring that the right solutions are selected and the best processes and capabilities are used.

    A quote for this stage will be provided upon request.

    Please leave details and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks.

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