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SAP ByDesign לוקליזציה - התאמה לישראל

SAP ByDesign לוקליזציה כולל את הנושאים הבאים:

Statutory reports

  • Unified reporting


  • Payment receipt handling in below documents and their printing
  • Incoming Cash / Petty Cash
  • Incoming Check
  • Over the counter sales
  • Outgoing check processing including postdated checks
  • MASAV payment file
  • Reporting for cash position by transaction source


  • Manual document registration and original/duplicate print handling for:
    • Outbound delivery and internal delivery note
    • Customer returns
    • Manual document ID data flow from delivery to invoicing and credit memo and corresponding for
  • Original Watermark for Customer Invoice (C41) and Delivery Note (ME7) and credit memo

Customer invoicing

  • Generic templates for customer and supplier facing print forms enabled in Hebrew

Human capital management

  • Employee hiring, transfer, termination and re-hire by scoping scoping the non-localized hiring option
  • Generic Time recording
  • Compensation


  • VAT calculation
  • VAT PCN874 Reporting
  • VAT Grouping
  • Withholding Tax Calculation (includes time dependent certificate maintenance, payment time recalculation and partial payments, handling overlap of certificates, default certificate and resulting calculation)
  • Withholding Tax Reporting (includes Electronic 8 56 returns and corresponding file output, Vendor certificate 857 returns and corresponding vendor certification form output, form 102 returns)
  • SHAAM download/upload interface

Financial accounting

  • Standard functionality for Schedule of fixed assets with generic depreciation methods
  • Fixed Assets Report

Expense and reimbursement management (ERM)

  • Generic country version for ERM to configure per diems
  • Expense reporting using the generic country version for ERM


  • Working day Calendar
  • Right to Left and Hebrew text handling
  • Hebrew translation (as of release1805)

לוקליזציה נוספת לישראל שתמומש במהלך 2020

  •  Form 6111 
  • Asset accounting reports  

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