Matan Shachaf

Matan Shachaf

My expertise in Bydesign

Qualification and Experiance (focus on ByDesign)

Matan Shachaf bydesign:

ALL Modules Certification
Data imigrations
Mass Data Maintanance
Reports And Analitycs

Qualification and Experiance - other technologics

Excel VBA
Power BI
SAP R3 Project Mangment

Country (Main Location)

Are you ready for travel ? Relocation?


Yes, Relocation to other country




Additional Information

I’m serious person that wants to learn more and more and to improve my knowledge every dat at work.
I’m loyal to my work place and give the best that i can for my place of work.
I have strong srevice attitude and commited to give the best service that i can for my customers any time on the day.
customers feel free to ask for me to teach them and also to tell them how cpuld we improve togther their business with their technologies.
i’m open minded and know how to learn new technologies and how to connect between them.
i was SAP B1 Counslatant and was user of SAP R3, what means that SAP world is big part of my life and i very familiar with.
succese project, when i was SAP B1 consultant we build full SAP B1 with external system project that the CFO gave us 7 months and we finished it in 3 months.

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