SAP ByDesign Analytics

SAP ByDesign Analytics

The ByD system includes Built-In Analytics, which allows for the real-time investigation of information, from reports, Kpi, graphs to the basic document level, a process defined as progressive disclosure. The information obtained provides insights that drive action in the system, from insight to action.

The system includes dashboards, reports, Kpi, which are adapted to the various work centers in the system. The system comes with a out-of-the-box infrastructure and a Key user can configure new assets for the organization according to needs.

The information can also be viewed on mobile and tablet.

The system also enables connectivity to Excel, including the ability to build the report in Excel and transfer it to the ByD system, and includes the ability to perform data updates in Excel and to load the system updates, for example, sales forecast.

Managing Dashboards / Overview Pages – The system allows you to create dashboards easily and simply, integrating them into work centers and distributing them to users. You can create a private dashboard or the entire organization. This is done from the Insights Work Center

Work centers

The system includes many work centers, depending on the functional areas of the system, such as sales, marketing, and so on. The work centers are associated with system users according to their permissions.

Each work center can have an Overview page that displays the main reports and metrics. This will usually be set by Key user so that all users of the system will see the same data. Corporate dashboard.

At the Home Work Center, each user can set his own Overview page with the information that interests him. My Dashboard.

The Insights Work Center introduces the user to his or her cooperative dashboard. This includes a list of reports, Kpi’s, Excel reports and more.

Data sources

In the Business Analytics work center, you can see the Data source list which includes technical details of the field list as well as a list of Data source related to it. This allows to add data from related data source to reports – referenced data sources.

Extensibility / Adding Fields – The system allows fields to be added to screens and then to Data source and then to reports.


Apart from the existing reports, the system enables the creation of new reports. The recommendation to look for an existing report, copy the report and adjust. Recommend that you use the wizard that guides the steps for creating the report, in a simple and straightforward way.

Set the Filter and View to the report, including default. New fields that were not in the copied report can be added. You can also set filter values that already exist in the fields.

For each new field you can define variables (single value, range of values, multiple choice, etc.).

At the end, the report linked to the relevant work centers and exposed to users.

SAP Analytics Cloud

The capabilities can be expanded to connect SAP ByDesign to the SAP Analytics Cloud system for the following needs:

  • Advanced visualizations and dashboards
  • Business planning and forecasting
  • Predictive intelligence (Smart Predict)
  • Reporting across multiple applications and external data

Highlights are:

  • SAP Analytics Cloud is used as the extension platform
  • SAP Business ByDesign is part of the big picture regarding the Intelligent Enterprise

Integration Architecture

The system can be integrated in the following ways:

  • SAP Cloud Applications Studio– Enables add-in application extensions
  • SAP Cloud Platform– lets you develop an independent application that runs side-by-side with Bydesign. Includes advanced IOT capabilities, blockchain, machine learning and more.
  • SAP Cloud Platform Integration– integration with other systems, including on-premise and BW

Additional information

For more details please contact Business ERP

For technical information go to SAP ByDesign Help

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