SAP ByDesign CRM

SAP ByDesign CRM

SAP ByDesign CRM includes customer and sales management processes, from the campaign stage, through the sales stages to the after-sales service. The process is end-to-end, however, only parts of the process can be implemented, depending on your needs. You can also partially implement and expand the application later. In addition, the system enables integration with external systems, which allows, for example, to manage the campaign and marketing in another system and continue the sales processes in SAP ByDesign.

Campaign Management

SAP ByDesign CRM enables the creation of campaign management that, for example, are based on the accounts or contacts that exist in the system. In the first step, create a campaign-relevant targeting group and then determine the content of the email or letter to send to them. The system, of course, allows for tailor-made personalized content that is sent in the campaign, including the recipient’s name, role, etc., as well as the description of the product / service offered. The system supports responsive email tailored for mobile and tablet. Also, if you refer customers in different countries, it is possible for each party to receive the email in their own language. For each recipient in the campaign, the responses received from them can be managed, including follow-up tasks to be performed, such as: phone call, meeting, email and more. Depending on the recipients’ response, the system facilitates the process, to create an opportunities, quotes and sales orders.

Leads management

Leads management can be created from different sources, due to a campaign, external interface, and more. Each lead can have different classifications, quality score (Hot, Worm, etc.), dates of validity and reasons for rejecting the lead. In large organizations, where there is a separate marketing department from the sales department, a structured process of transferring the lead from marketing to sales can be realized for the continued sales process.

Opportunity Management

The lead can be promoted to an opportunity. The opportunity management can include sales activities (built-in checklist of sales activities). You can promote the opportunity to sales quote for a customer, sales quote for an agreement, customer order, customer agreement and more.

Sales quotes

The sales quotes can be created with reference to lead, opportunity, project, other bid, customer order, agreement and more. A customer credit check can be done (check credit limit) and you can also set a confirmation flow for the sales quote, before sending it to the customer.

Customer sales orders

A customer sales orders can be created with reference to an agreement, a bid, a lead, an opportunity and more. You can also carry out a customer credit check (check credit limit), you can also set a confirmation flow for the sales order, before sending it to the customer and you can also set payment dates and down payment amounts.

Customer Invoices

The system helps in preparation of customer invoices by creating invoice requests, as a result of various processes in the system, such as down payment, schedule request, customer contract and more.

Additional processes

The system also supports the following processes:

  • Contract Management – Managing agreements for products and services.
  • Over-the-Counter Sales
  • Customer Returns
  • Request to Resolve – Call for service (warranty)
  • Field Service and Repair – Perform service and repairs.
  • Pricing – Price lists
  • Taxes – Taxes according to different countries.

And more.

Integration with external systems

The system includes many ready interfaces for connectivity with external systems. For example, you can create leads from an external system using the Ready API.

You can also create integration for an online store Webshop integration store, Which, when the customer does a check-out in the store, automatically creates a sales order in SAP ByDesign.

SAP Cloud Platform integration is recommended for system integration.

Additional information

For more details please contact Business ERP

For technical information go to SAP ByDesign Help

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