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SAP ByDesign media center: Watch SAP ByDesign system videos, which include success stories of organizations that set up the system, system capability, showcase innovations and future developments, and more.
We have collected selected videos for you and we will continue to update, periodically, new ones.

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What Is SAP Business ByDesign?

For growing mid-sized businesses, we believe that SAP Business ByDesign provides the ideal solution – it is an all-encompassing ERP and Business Management Solution hosted in the cloud, delivered as-a-Service

Discover how SAP Business ByDesign is helping customers in the professional services industry digitize their businesses.


Great analysis, accurate and on time reporting and a single source of correctly reconciled truth are essential to CFOs. Discover how Business ByDesign from SAP is making a real difference to Finance departments in companies of all sizes, from front line practitioners all the way to the CFO.


Demo on how SAP Business ByDesign 1811 smartphone apps is working covering expense reports, analytics, customer 360, contact, activity management and service order confirmation with route planning.

Manufacturing Industry

Topcon, an itelligence customer, benefits from the implementation of SAP Business ByDesign.

Hear from a variety from customers in the manufacturing industry, how SAP Business ByDesign is helping them to digitize their business

Customer Success story of JinHang Lighting moving to SAP Business ByDesign. Another great example of an implementation performed in 10 weeks with a happy customer.


Designs Printer

Avocados From Mexico, a US company that markets avocados for importers, growers, and packers, gained notoriety through their quirky Super Bowl ads. The company turned to SAP Business ByDesign to help it centralize and synchronize data, resulting in improved flexibility, visibility, compliance, decision-making, and growth.

Click & Grow: Revenue and transactions growth thanks to SAP Business ByDesign. Live in just 4 months.

A case study conducted by SAP featuring ALLiGACOM (Now part of DiCentral) as the EDI Solution provider about Elum Design’s use and integration with SAP Business ByDesign.



AusOptic International

Discover how Braincube, a pioneer in artificial intelligence solutions for manufacturers, is using SAP Business ByDesign to go for growth. The innovative software company is using the efficient and cost-effective SAP solution to streamline licensing, maintenance and integration as it contemplates global expansion.


Find out how Gilat Satellite Networks benefits from project management, budget control and advanced customer relationship management, and provides a complete solution that boosts investments to its subsidiaries around the world With SAP Business ByDesign.


Sofigate & SAP Business ByDesign: Fidelix story


The Deutsche Sporthilfe (German Sports Aid Foundation) implements SAP Business ByDesign to digitize their administration. As the official Technology Partner, SAP is supporting top athletes overall in Germany.


Next-generation user experience will be dominated by Natural Language Processing and digital assistants. With the future in mind, SAP Business ByDesign has these capabilities built-in. Watch as Stefanie Hager, Head of Product Management for SAP Business ByDesign, demonstrates the Natural Language Processing capabilities of SAP Business ByDesign on Amazon Echo

Demo on how to use SAP Business ByDesign Information Lifecycle Management for machine learning

What's new 2020

Welcome in 2020. As in previous years, please find enclosed a short video about what we accomplished in 2019 and what we have in our books for 2020 Thanks a lot for all the great collaboration. Trust me, 2020 will be even better.

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SAP ByDesign Media Center.

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