SAP Bydesign Project Management

SAP Bydesign Project Management

SAP Bydesign Project Management has integrated project management module that enable run several type of projects, like:

  • Sales Customer projects 
  • Marketing projects
  • Research and development project
  • Cost project

The system used several project variants that configure the module functionality. 

You can plan the project using Gantt chart, Phases, Activities, Check list and more. Structure the project with WBS hierarchy and Network process flow. The system enable to assign project team members, internal and external and calculate the cost as a basis to sales quote. You can also initiate purchase process, directly from project activities and  create material requirement for the project. 

In case of customer project, the system use the actual cost (Time & Material) for customer invoice and use several methods for revenue recognition.  

Project Gantt Chart

Create gantt chart using phases, activities, check-list and milestones. 

Project Structure by WBS

Define main project WBS using hierarchy phases.

Project Process flow - Network

Define activities dependencies, get project flow and critical path. 

Project Team Members

Assign project team members to every project element. Internal & external employees. 

for etch team member define period, plan work hours and service type.      

Purchase request for external employee / consultant

Simply initiate purchase process, directly form the project activities, to external consultant. 

Materials in project

Assign materials to project activities. Initiate warehouse materials order or purchase process. 

Project expenses

Define additional project cost for travel, hotels and so on.  

Get total project plan cost.

Customer quote by project plan cost

Create customer quote with reference to project planning.

Customer sales project

Tracking sales orders that related to project. Get revenue in project. select relevant method to revenue recognition. 

Actual project cost

Collect project actual cost due to employee (internal & external) time sheet report, purchase good receipt, travel report and so on. 

Project workers can report using Project2Go smartphone application. Also can use SAP Concur software that integrated to SAP ByDesign.

In case of time & material customer project, the actual project cost initiate the customer invoice.     

Additional information

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For technical information please go to SAP ByDesign Help

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