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Scheer Nederland ByDesign is a SAP partner for companies that want to optimize their business operations quickly and innovative.
We have broad industrial knowledge regarding Technical & Professional Services, Production, Food & Beverage, Wholesale and Retail solutions. Scheer Nederland is the only SAP Recognized Expertise Partner in the Netherlands for SAP Business ByDesign.
Qualification is based on an SAP Project audit and customer satisfaction survey. Our consultants have a broad and deep understanding of supporting Service Organizations with SAP Business ByDesign. We have been implementing SAP Business By Design since 2012. Read our customer reference stories to get a quick impression of these Cloud ERP projects with SAP Business ByDesign. It is our goal that SAP Business ByDesign is supporting your end-to-end business processes with standard practices in an efficient and effective way!

Company services

Scheer supports your ERP implementation plan with focus on business processes.
Upgrade current SAP ECC / SAP All-in-One environment to S/4HANA
This implies migration to the simplified full-in-memory database SAP HANA system. The first step is a Fit & Gap analysis that will make both process and functional improvements insightful and serve as a basis for the business case. Next, Scheer will work out a SAP digital transformation plan for both data and functionalities. This considers existing customisations and the use of available accelerators as the SAP Industry Best Practices.

Cloud Solutions on top off On Premise: Reinforcement of the current SAP ECC with SAP Cloud solutions
The current SAP ECC, often the central ERP system – meets the ERP requirements for the time being, but should be connected to additional SAP Cloud Solutions. These SAP Cloud solutions can be deployed for different purposes: adding ERP for subsidiaries or more specific functionality, like Sales, Services or Marketing to the core ERP.

Migrate to SAP Cloud ERP
Simplifying your IT and SAP application landscape can easily be achieved by fully migrating SAP ERP to a Platform as a Service Cloud ERP environment. For this migration, a Fit & Gap analysis will be conducted in which Scheer will conduct a detailed investigation into the possibilities of deploying SAP S/4HANA or SAP Business ByDesign.

Start with SAP Cloud Solutions
Switching from non-SAP ERP environment to SAP Cloud solutions, instantly provides great functional and integration benefits. Our implementation approach and experience with SAP Cloud ERP implementations, results in a good and simple SAP ERP Cloud solution, which enables the involved departments to work more efficiently and effectively, including better reporting and analytics capabilities.

Focus on Process and Interactions
Scheer Netherlands implementation approach ensures that your processes are supported from start to finish. All processes are arranged from a company, logistical and financial point of view. The interaction with individuals and (digital) cooperation with internal and external parties plays an important role. Our focus is on ensuring that each role can be executed in a successful manner. The logistics manager, project manager, salesman and business controller do have each their own view of reality, but all derived from a single version of the truth.

Win with Industry Best Practice Scenarios
Characteristic of Best Practices is that the underlying design has already proven its value several times. Continuing insight has also taught us that companies can be a lot more successful by using these Industry Best Practice standards instead of defining customized solutions. This Best Practices device provides simplicity and better overview. In addition, the implementation of future adjustments is no problem.

Additional Information

Scheer Nederland bydesign Project Apps for ByDesign

Scheer develops accelerators for Service organizations with project-based activities.

These Scheer Project Apps reduces work effort, improve the speed of completeness and eliminate human errors in daily work activities.

The Project Apps are intended to be used by project managers, project administrators, project planners during the setup, planning and execution of work packages. Roles that have authorization and access to view and manage hours and equipment within projects. For these roles, the Scheer Project Apps are significant time savers and eliminate the risk of human errors.

In addition, the deployment of these Business Apps is fully compliant with standards and authorizations of the SAP Cloud ERP environment.

This first release of the Scheer Project Apps is available for SAP Business ByDesign.

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Ready for Purpose Packages for Professional Services or Technical Services:


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Country : Netherlands

City : 4131 LV Vianen

Lage Biezenweg 5c

Scheer NlLis part of the Scheer Group. HQ in Saarbrücken, Germany and branches in Austria, Switzerland, Turkey and Saudia Arabia

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First Name: Ferry

Last Name: Bogaards

Phone: +31 347 322875


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