Victor Farias

Victor Farias

My expertise in Bydesign

Qualification and Experiance (focus on ByDesign)

Victor Farias bydesign expert:

Working in a fast-paced and constantly evolving environment. Experienced with data
management, business operations, CRM, SCM and SRM Scenarios, and information technology.

Work experience with CRM Scenarios such as, Taxation, Pricing, Invoice, Contracts, Product Portifólio, Sales and Services scenario.

Also experience with purchase, projects, delivery and other relevant scenarios related to SAP Enviroment.

As CRM Brazil leader

I have tasks such as:

Monitor staffing gap, analyze staff knowledge gap, check queue of incidents, provide training needed to prepare staff, meet with Content Manager to inform staff progress, prepare reports on staff performance and create Projects to improve the team’s KPI.


Qualification and Experiance - other technologics

AMSS – Monitoring reviewing the information, navigation capabilities, filtering categories and product offerings meet the functional specifications of Amdocs Self Service

EPC – The ability to centralize multiple product catalogs across all business lines and applications in a single catalog

Business Analysis – always seeking the best business opportunities, analyzing trends, creating new products, recreates existing products, always worried about finding new ways for the company.

BPM – a concept that unites business management and information focusing on the optimization of the results of organizations by improving business processes technology.

Quality Center HP : Analyzing and adjusting defects so that the testing process be continued and satisfactory quality offers software quality assurance, including requirements management, test management and testing of business processes and IT application environments

Country (Main Location)

Are you ready for travel ? Relocation?


Yes, Relocation to other country




Additional Information

Working as escalation manager

Assembling the escalation management team which includes the incident owner, problem owner, and other professionals in the specified area of expertise.

Establishing accurate expectations from the escalating procedures, enforcing relief to the customers, and reviewing the situation appraisal formulated by the escalation team for ensuring the consumer satisfaction throughout the escalation process.

Coordinating with the customers for developing an escalation management plan as per their requirements, adding additional resources for escalation process if required, and developing a detailed technical plan accordingly.

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